Stump Grinders Edge

Office:  256-425-7844     Ted/Owner:  256-603-8150

Stump Grinders Edge - Ted Smith, Owner

Owner T​ed Smith is personally invested in his business where customer service and satisfaction are priorities. He has many years experience in business management and delivery of quality services.  Stump Grinders Edge is a dealer for the amazing Alpine Rhino cutter wheel known for its power, speed and low cost maintenance.  As the owner of Huntsville Stump Removal LLC, Ted has used  the Alpine Rhino Wheel himself for seven years.

Authorized Dealer of the 

Alpine Rhino Wheel

Stump Grinders Edge is an authorized dealer for the powerful Alpine Rhino Cutter Wheel is pictured to the right.  This six tooth wheel is known for its power, speed and low cost maintenance.