Stump Grinders Edge

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What Our Customers Say About Our Sharpening Services

  • "So glad I found you. Thank you for responding so quickly! Super job, fast service is what I'm looking for." Bill in Wisconsin

  • "Better than new! Thanks!!" Doug in Maine

  • "I just wanted you to know I was very impressed with the teeth sharpening. I ground 17 pine stumps that were 30 to 40 inches today and hit a piece of metal on the 4th one. Usually on a job like this I would put a new set of yellow jacket teeth in before doing it costing about $219. The sharpened teeth I used never flipped. Good job. Thanks." Scott in Mississippi

  • "I just opened the box with the sharpened teeth last night. They look great! Thank you very much for the awesome service. Thanks again!" Johnathan in Florida

  • "Thank you! Your customer service and communication was impeccable." Berny in Ohio

  • "Received my sharpened teeth back. . . Thank you!!!! They look great." Jeff in South Carolina

  • "Thank you for an outstanding job!" Phil in Florida

  • "Thanks for your prompt service!" Kent in Pennsylvania"

  • "Thanks for just a great job!  They look great."  Tim in New Jersey